5+ Ways to Stop Dash Cam Falling Off Windscreen?

Many drivers have experienced this issue, which can be a dangerous distraction while driving if you’ve ever had your dash cam fall out while driving, you’re not alone.

You can do a few things to ensure you can keep your dash cam on the windscreen. Here’s how to keep it on the windshield and get a suitable mounting.

What are the reasons fixing Dash cameras fall off?

Dash cameras can fall off for a variety of reasons, and they are listed below:

1. The Adhesive used to attach the camera to the windshield:

It’s common for dash cameras to be attached to the windshield with Adhesive, but there are a couple of reasons why they can fall off.

 In the first place, the glue wasn’t applied correctly. If you don’t push the camera firmly against the windshield, it won’t hold firmly. An adhesive that’s not strong enough is another common issue.

The Adhesive in the camera may weaken over time if exposed to extreme temperatures. Additionally, holding the camera in place might need to be more vital. 

A high-quality adhesive that can withstand extreme temperatures and be correctly applied is important for keeping dash cameras from falling off.

2. size and weight of the camera

It can be difficult for a dash camera to stay installed if it is too light or heavy. Too big dash cameras can interfere with the driver’s vision.

When selecting a dash camera, ensure it’s the right size and weight so it won’t interfere with the installation or hinder the driver’s ability to see. It’s essential to find the right camera size and weight if you want a secure installation. If it’s too big or too heavy, the Adhesive may not hold it in place.

3. the type of mounting bracket used

A dashboard camera mounting bracket keeps cameras attached to a dashboard or windshield, preventing them from falling off in case of a sudden stop, collision, or vibration.

A mounting bracket usually comes in various designs, including adhesive, suction cup, and clip-on, and is made of durable materials like metal or plastic. 

Suction-cup mounting brackets attach the camera to the surface using a vacuum-sealed cup, while adhesive mounting brackets use sticky pads.

Choosing the right mounting bracket for your vehicle and camera will ensure a secure fit and reliable performance. 

No tools or extra hardware are needed; clip-on brackets clip on and off.

4. Vibrations

The engine keeps shaking when it’s in motion, and the road is rough. As a result of this shaking, the dash camera adhesive can loosen over time, eventually causing it to fall off.

When you drive your car over rough terrain or long distances, ensure the camera is firmly attached. If the Adhesive gets too weak, it’s a good idea to replace it with a stronger one.

How to prevent your dash cam from falling off? 

 1. Use the suitable mount:

Using a mount that’s designed for your camera will keep it safe. Before buying a mount, check to ensure it works with your camera.

If you do that, your camera won’t fall off, so you’ll know it’s secure. Using the right mount, your dash cam will stay in place and securely record your trip. You should also ensure it’s firmly attached to your dashboard or windshield.

2. Mount it with a suction cup

With a suction cup, you can keep your dash cam in place and keep it from falling off. You can drive without having to worry about it slipping or moving.

Additionally, with a suction cup firmly mounting your dash cam, you’ll always guarantee it’ll stay in place and provide you with reliable footage.

3. Mount with solid and adjustable clamps

The dash cam in your car is a great way to keep an eye on it and provide evidence if you ever have an accident, but if it doesn’t fit securely, it’s straightforward for it to fall off. It would be best to mount it with strong clamps to tighten it to the desired level. 

4. Use strong adhesive 

Using an adhesive explicitly designed for attaching items to your dashboard is essential.

Ensure you read the instructions before applying the adhesive and that the surface is clean. Also, allow the adhesive enough time to dry before setting the dash cam.

A strong adhesive will ensure your dash cam stays in place for precise, reliable video footage.

5. Maintain a clean and dry mounting surface 

clean surface of suction cup in dashcamera

You can only install your dash cam properly if you have a clean and dry surface. Dash cams installed on dirty surfaces or in damp environments are more likely to come loose.

Before affixing the dash cam, make sure the mounting surface is clean, dust-free, and moisture-free.

6. Stay out of extreme temperatures.

If you use a dash cam, you should avoid extreme temperatures because they can make the Adhesive less effective, which could lead to it falling off. 

The best way to keep your dash cam from becoming loose and potentially causing an accident is to keep it in a moderate environment. You’ll keep your dash cam working for a long time by keeping it out of extremely hot or cold places.


How do you keep a suction cup from falling off windshield?

The best way to ensure you keep your suction cup is to provide the surface is clean and free from dust and dirt. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Please let your suction cup dry before sticking it to your windshield. You need to make sure you press it against the windshield firmly to create an airtight seal. 

Why does my dashcam keep falling off?

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular in cars because they give you extra security. These devices can be challenging to install and sometimes become loose over time. Poorly placed adhesive pads or double-sided mounting tape can cause the camera to fall off.

A dash cam falls off mainly because it needs to be secured more. You should use a secure mounting system and regularly check that the fastenings are safe to ensure that your dash cam stays in place.

How do you stick a suction cup to a dashboard?

Suction cups stick to dashboards without tools. First, make sure it is clean and free of dirt and debris. Next, press the suction cup firmly on it. To create a tighter seal, moisten the suction cup with water if it won’t stay stuck to the dashboard. After the suction cup is firmly attached to the dashboard, it should remain in place until you take it off.

How do you fix a suction cup mount?

If you want to fix a suction cup mount:

  1. Make sure you clean it first.
  2. Ensure the suction cup is adequately lined up and securely attached to the surface. This will make sure it keeps its hold and ensure a good seal.
  3. Make sure the suction cup has a firm grip by pressing down on it firmly for a few seconds.
  4. Spray the surface with water before reapplying if the suction cup doesn’t hold.

This can help restore the grip and keep the mount in place.


This post aims to show you how to stop your dash cam from falling off your windshield. You shouldn’t drive distracted by your dash cam. I hope this article has been helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need more info about your situation. I’m happy to help!

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