CARCHET T12 Dash Cam Mirror

Do you constantly want to avoid missing out on important events or incidents on the road? Do you need help avoiding unexpected obstacles when backing up or changing lanes?

 Introducing the CARCHET T12 Dash Cam Mirror, the ultimate all-in-one solution that provides a seamless driving experience with enhanced security features. In addition to offering unique functionalities, it includes AI-driven capabilities.

 A 12-inch touch screen and a Sony Starvis IMX 335 sensor make this dashcam mirror easy to use while providing clear pictures, so let’s learn more about carchet dashcam without delay.

carchet dashcam

  • High-quality images
  • Easy setup of front-facing camera
  • Excellent build quality
  • MicroSD card not included


Superior Image & Video Quality:

mirror dashcam

A wide-angle lens provides 170° of a front view and 160° of a rearview, which makes driving more enjoyable and clear. Even in low light, 2.5k resolution, and 1080P full HD imaging will deliver vivid, detailed images. In addition to boosting image quality, it has a Sony Starvis IMX 335 sensor, enabling it to spot hard-to-see spots on the road. Overall, it’s reliable and efficient.


carchet t12

Various features enhance the user experience on the CARCHET T12, such as voice commands, GPS tracking, loop recording, and streaming media rearview.

 Plus, it’s IP67 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. You can also keep your vehicle safe even when you’re not driving with its 24-hour parking monitoring.

Clever Design:

Its sleek design sets it apart from other models. The screen is especially impressive, with its large size and touch function that makes it easy for users to use.

You can choose different viewing angles to suit your driving needs, and the built-in G-Sensor protects collision footage from being erased. Installing it is also pretty straightforward, and you need a car mirror.

User Experience

I was initially confused when I unboxed the front-view camera because it had many small parts and cables. 

My confusion was quickly dispelled by the detailed instruction manual, which explained everything clearly and gave me tips on how to get started.

It is easy to install if you attach the front-view camera to the rearview mirror and use rubber retention strips. Plugging it in a 12V outlet (also called a cigarette lighter receptacle) resulted in a reassuring chime indicating that it worked.’

It has impressive features, high-quality video recording, wide viewing angles, and loop recording. 

One downside is that you must buy your microSD card, which could be extra money. I’d have preferred if the device had at least some built-in storage.

 Also, the screen can be distracting, especially when using the wiper blades. Although it is a reliable and efficient dash cam, these minor drawbacks are worth considering.

The Verdict:

This CARCHET T12 delivers stellar performance at an affordable price. In addition to its excellent image quality and multi-functional system, it’s a great investment, with features and functionalities comparable to the market’s top models. It’s a great dash cam mirror for people who want something intuitive and reliable.