Review: BlackVue DR900S-2CH Vehicle Dash Cam

The BlackVue DR900S-2CH is the newest model in the BlackVue lineup. This dashcam features a sleek, modern design and tons of other cool features. If you’re looking for a new dashcam, keep reading to learn more!

What is BlackVue, and how it differs from the competition?

BlackVue DR900S-2CH review

BlackVue is a world leader in network video technology. Their innovative range of wireless, network, and in-vehicle products offers true peace of mind while on the road. It offers advanced features such as the ability to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously, mobile viewing, remote viewing, and playback, and stream video footage live to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

BlackVue offers three lines of cameras: the DR series, the DR650S, and the DR650S 2CH. The DR series includes the DR650S-2CH, DR750S-2CH, and DR900S-2CH.

The DR650S-2CH and DR750S-2CH offer 2- and 3-channel monitoring, respectively. The DR900S-2CH offers 2-channel monitoring and 4K Ultra HD resolution for crystal clear videos. BlackVue offers three different types of recording capabilities: event recording, continuous recording, and hybrid recording.

All BlackVue cameras offer event recording, which records footage when a trigger event occurs. However, the DR650S and DR750S 2CH offer continuous recording, which records footage continuously. The DR900S 2CH and DR650S 2CH record both one after the other.

It offers three power sources:

  1. battery, solar panel, and AC adapter.
  2. The DR650S and DR750S 2CH use rechargeable lithium batteries; the DR900S-2CH uses an AC adapter.

It offers three types of wireless transmission:

  1. Wi-Fi,
  2. cellular,
  3. and GPS.

The DR650S and DR750S 2CH use Wi-Fi transmission; the DR900S-2CH uses cellular transmission.BlackVue offers three types of mounting: magnetic base, suction cup, and pole mount. The DR650S and DR750S 2CH use magnetic base mounting; the DR900S-2CH uses suction cup mounting.

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Why should you choose BlackVue for your car?

BlackVue’s DR900S-2CH is a high-quality dash cam that can give you video evidence in the event of an accident. BlackVue constantly updates its dash cam models with new features, and the DR900S-2CH is no exception. Here are a few of its best features:

1080p HD video:

BlackVue DR900S-2CH

It can record video in high-definition 1080p. The video is recorded in 30fps, giving you a clearer, more sharply defined image of what is taking place on the road.

Emergency recording: 

It can record video continuously. Once you enable the emergency recording feature, the camera will continue to record video at all times, even if it receives a signal from your car’s brakes.

This feature is helpful if you suspect an accident has occurred and don’t want to risk losing crucial video evidence if the camera stops recording.

Night vision:

It can record video at night, making it an effective camera for recording traffic.

Parking monitoring:

The DR900S-2CH also has a parking monitoring feature, which detects when the car is parked and begins recording. This sensor will alert you to any movement in the car, allowing you to take immediate action or review the event later.

How BlackVue can improve your driving experience.

BlackVue is a leading manufacturer of dash cameras. They’re portable and easy to install, making them a cost-effective way to protect yourself on the road.

How to set up and start using BlackVue?

BlackVue is a line of dash cameras for vehicles, boats, and power sports vehicles. Dash cameras are typically mounted onto the windshield of a vehicle to record events on the road. Still, they can also record events inside a vehicle or in a boat.

The DR900S-2CH dash camera records events using two cameras – one at the front and one at the back. The front and back cameras work together to provide complete vehicle coverage.

It records video in 1080p, ensuring you get clear video during critical incidents. The dash camera also records in manual or automatic mode, allowing you to choose what type of footage you want to record.

The dash camera has a rear-facing camera, which allows you to record events inside a vehicle. It can also record events inside a boat. When recording events inside a vehicle, the camera will record in 1080p, while recording events outside a vehicle will record in 720p.

The DR900s BlackVue dash cam is also smart enough to identify sharp turns and lane drift. This allows it to automatically adjust the speed at which it records. The DR900s BlackVue dash cam records at 30fps, letting you save hours of footage. The DR900s BlackVue dash cam provides 14 hours of continuous recording, which is ideal for capturing events while driving.

Why you  should  get BlackVue DR900S-2CH

Many people are interested in car cameras for their car. There are many benefits of a car cameras, such as you can easily record the accident and the details, which can help you to avoid the accident.

There are so many car cameras on the market, so you should choose one of them. It is one of the most popular car cameras, but people have some questions about it. Here are some answers:

What is DR900S-2CH?

It is a dashcam video system. It is specifically designed for cars.

How long is the recording time?

The recording time is up to 5 hours.

What is the resolution?

The resolution is up to 1080p.

What is the maximum recording distance?

The maximum recording distance is up to 2 miles.

What is the camera angle?

The maximal angle is 170 degrees.

Why you should consider DR900S-2CH?

It is a high-quality dashcam. It is easy to install and use. It is a full night vision. It is the best choice for your car.