How To Delete Dash Cam Recordings?

Deleting dash cam recordings is essential to maintaining the safety and security of your vehicle. They increasingly use dashcams to provide video proof in the event of an accident or emergency. Unfortunately, these cameras collect a wide variety of information that may or may not need to be retained. 

You will save storage capacity while keeping your car safe if you know how to erase dash cam footage. This article will guide you through removing unneeded dash cam recordings so that you can save only what you need.

How To Delete Dash Cam Video Photo & Voice Recording?

Deleting from the SD Card

The SD card in your dash cam should be removed from the camera’s slot as soon as possible.

Step 1: You will need a suitable USB connection or card reader to connect your SD card to your computer.

Step 2:Choose all the files you want to delete from your computer’s file manager.

Step 3:Choose ‘Delete’ from the menu when you right-click.

Once all desired data has been erased, reinstall the SD card into the dash cam.

Deleting Specific Files

If you want to get rid of some recordings, you can easily erase them by connecting your dashcam to a computer. Each dashboard usually has a specific folder where all videos are stored, so you can quickly find them. All you have to do is delete the clips you want. They’ll be gone forever!

Factory Reset

You can do a factory reset if you want to remove all recordings from your dashcam completely. Go to the This will clear all recorded data from your dashcam and restart it with no data. Once you complete the process, you won’t have any data on your dashcam.

Using a Delete Function

delete in nextbase dash camera

If your dash cam includes a delete button, you can easily remove individual or several recordings. Choose the files you want to delete and press the delete button. This will permanently erase the files while maintaining other recordings.

Manually Deleting Files

Step 1: Begin by connecting your dash cam to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Open the dashboard software and select ‘Delete’ or ‘Erase’ in the menu.

Step 3: Choose which recordings you wish to delete from the list presented on the screen.

Step 4: Click ‘OK‘ once you have selected all desired files for deletion.

Step 5: Disconnect your dash cam from the computer once all files have been deleted.

How to remove old recordings from dashcam?

You can manually delete old dashcam recordings by connecting your dashcam to a computer and wiping the required files using the dashboard software.

If your device has a dedicated delete button, you can delete recordings without connecting to a computer. Lastly, you can do a factory reset if you wish to remove all records from your dashcam completely. This will wipe all recordings and restart the device with no data recorded.

Is It A Good Idea To Delete My Dash Cam Footage?

If dash cam footage is no longer needed or takes up too much space on the computer, it should be deleted.

Eliminating unnecessary recordings can save storage space for material that may be useful in an emergency or accident. It is crucial to remember that certain nations have laws governing how long such data should be retained, so check the appropriate legislation before deleting your recordings.


Do Dashcams automatically delete footage?

Some dashcams will automatically erase previous footage when the memory card is full. This, however, is device dependent and requires a working connection to your computer. Therefore, it would be best if you verified your device’s unique deletion policy.

What happens when dash cam memory is full?

As your dash cam’s memory card fills up, it will stop recording or wipe some previous recordings to make room for new ones. Check with the manufacturer to know what their policy is regarding overwriting data.

How do I delete recordings from my Nextbase dash cam?

Connecting your dash cam to your computer via USB allows you to erase recordings using the Nextbase program. When you have selected all the files you want to delete, click ‘OK’ and unplug your dash cam from your computer. Choose ‘Remove Files’ from the menu.

How long do recordings last on a dash cam?

A dash cam’s recording duration varies according to its storage capacity and the device it’s attached to. The majority of devices come with memory cards between 8GB and 32GB, so four to eight hours of filming can be recorded.

Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer for further information on the device’s data retention policy.


Regardless of your approach, it is essential to regularly erase old recordings from your dashcam. You will not only have more storage for fresh recordings, but you will also be keeping your dash cam up-to-date.

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