Can We Use Gopro As Dashcam?(Pros And Cons)

Drivers and travelers increasingly turn to a GoPro as a dashcam because it can record their journey while offering some features. The camera’s compact design makes it easy to fit into any vehicle, and its ability to capture high-quality photos and videos makes it a great choice for road trips.

go pro as dashcam

This guide will cover using your GoPro as a Dashcam, including the various settings and features to make the most of your camera. You can start recording your journey and capturing your best moments with just a few steps.

Why Use a Dash Cam?

Dashcams are worth buying as it has several features, which are listed below:

Evidence in Car Accidents

 In an accident, it footage provides an impartial account of what happened and can help prove who was at fault. It can also protect drivers from fraudulent claims by other drivers.

Capture Crime

If you’re driving, you’re prone to being a witness to a crime, so you can record what you see. The police can use the evidence in court to prove the Crime. It can also make the police think less of criminals since they know they’ll be recorded. If you’re involved in an accident, you can use them as evidence to figure out who was at fault. 

Prevent Insurance Fraud

It’s great to record your daily commute when you’re on the road with a dash cam, which can help prove your guilt if you’re ever in an accident. In the event of an insurance claim, this can help drivers prove liability and help them avoid fraudsters who scam insurance companies.

Additionally, it can prove that someone wasn’t at fault in an accident or that someone drove recklessly. Insurance companies can better assess the risk of providing coverage by providing visual evidence of a driver’s behavior on the road. Dash cams can’t just prevent insurance fraud but also save drivers money on premiums. 

Can You Use Your GoPro as a Dash Cam?

The GoPro is a great way to keep track of your driving and capture unexpected moments. It’s not meant for dash cams, but it has many features that make it great. The GoPro’s wide-angle lens allows for a wider field of view than traditional dashcams so that you can capture more of the road ahead. It’s waterproof, rugged, and perfect for anything.

Due to its long battery life and loop recording feature, the GoPro can record for up to two hours. Moreover, its high-resolution footage can be used in court if needed.

Pros of Using a GoPro as a Dashcam

You can use a GoPro as a dashcam for several reasons, including its flexibility and durability. Here are a few: 

 1. Versatility:

Since GoPro cameras are made to be used in any environment, they work great as dashcams. If you need to capture a moment while driving, mount a GoPro and start recording. 

 2. Durability:

The rugged construction of GoPro cameras makes them perfect for dashcams, as they can deal with all the bumps and vibrations of driving. 

 3. High-Quality Video:

It’s no secret that GoPro cameras take great videos even in low light conditions, making them great for capturing any incident while driving, as the video will be crisp and clear. 

 4. Small Size:

These cameras are very small, so they’re easy to mount to your vehicle without taking up too much space. This makes them ideal for dashcams since they won’t interfere with driving or distract you. 

Cons of Using a GoPro as a Dashcam:

Adventurers, athletes, and filmmakers love GoPro cameras because they’re reliable, versatile, and durable. However, some features available on other dashcams must be added to GoPro cameras.


They are generally pricier than dedicated dashcams, especially if you want high frame rates or 4K video.

Ease of setup:

There’s a consensus that dashcams are more accessible to set up than GoPros. While they may offer more customizability regarding settings, it can also be a disadvantage if you need to know the controls. Dashcams provide more mounting options than a GoPro, allowing more flexibility when positioning the camera.

Parking Mode:

Dashcams with more features may be specifically designed for vehicles, like parking mode, time-lapse, and motion detection.

Battery Backup:

If you’re looking for continuous recording for an extended period, you may need help draining your GoPro battery quickly.

Parking Mode:

Many dashcams have this feature, but GoPro cameras don’t. It’s designed to detect motion when your car is parked, helping to keep you safe.

GPS Tracking:

The GPS tracking feature on some dash cams helps keep track of your route and provides evidence in case of accidents. Sadly, this feature isn’t available on GoPro cameras.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range):

This feature helps you capture clearer pictures by balancing light and dark areas in your footage. It’s hard to find on GoPro cameras, so this feature is great.

Should You Use a GoPro as a Dashcam?

Regarding dashcams, it’s debatable whether you should use a GoPro. On the one hand, they’re powerful so that you can record high-quality footage of your drive, and on the other hand, they’re small so that they won’t take up much room in your car.

They are also expensive and have much power, so you’d need an extra battery or device to run them. In addition to this, they aren’t explicitly designed to be a dashcam, so you might have to buy additional accessories to make them work. Ultimately, you decide to use a GoPro as a dashcam.

How To Use Your GoPro as a Dash Cam?

You’ll need a GoPro camera, some mounting accessories, and a memory card if you want to use it as a dash cam.

Step 1: First, decide where your GoPro should be mounted. The ideal spot is on the dashboard or windshield. Then, use the appropriate mounting accessories to attach the camera.

go pro mount

Step 2: Make sure your memory card is formatted before using it. This will ensure that your footage is recorded correctly.

Step 3: You can record in continuous or time-lapse modes depending on the camera. The continuous recording will capture footage continuously, while time-lapse will take photos at regular intervals.

Step 4: Setting the resolution, field of view, and frame rate to your preference will ensure the footage is captured correctly.

setting up resolution

Step 5: Start recording your journey once you’ve configured the settings.

Wrap up:

Therefore, while a GoPro may be good for temporary dash cameras, it’s not a long-term substitute for a dedicated dash cam. Using dash cams is easy and reliable, so they’re the best cameras for this job. Buying a dash cam is always a good idea for your safety and peace of mind.

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