Best Dash Cam Models Under $100

Dash cams are small, cylindrical devices that attach to a car’s dashboard and record video while you drive. They can be a great investment, especially if you’re in an accident.

It can provide evidence to back up your claim and can help to protect you from fraudulent insurance claims. There are a lot of different dash cams on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Here are some of our favorites if you’re looking for a dash cam under $100.

Our Top Picks:

Best Dash Cams under 100$

1.VIOFO A119 V3

vifo a119 v3

Dash cameras like the A119 V3 are designed for tech-savvy individuals. Featuring a 5MP Sony Starvis sensor, HDR function, and an F1.6 7G lens, it captures stunning 2160P QHD+ images at 60/30 frames per second in incredible HDR resolution that is easy to recognize license plate numbers day or night!

The device also features an innovative parking mode that provides three different options to meet your needs—Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. In the buffered parking mode with Auto Event Detection, the footage is stored for 15 seconds before an event takes place and is recorded for 30 seconds afterward.

As with other popular dashcams, the HK3 ACC hardwire cable must be purchased separately to use this innovative feature. Using time-lapse technology, your dashcam will automatically snap images at predetermined intervals and combine them into a single clip.

 Even if the vehicle is parked, it can still record clear footage due to its low bitrate recording capabilities.

Speed, time, and route data are available through GPS tracking technology included in the module. Moreover, embedded date and time stamps ensure that each event’s chronology is accurately logged— therefore, you always know where your video footage has traveled. You won’t miss out on essential details during recording with this fantastic combination of features!

This GPS-tracking dash camera offers high-quality footage and time stamping and is easy to install and remove in only minutes – perfect if you are using a rental car!

  • supports 256GB
  • GPS tracker
  • 24h buffered parking
  • Security lock & loop recording,
  • Ultra-night vision with HDR
  • Image may not be clear


The Rexing V1 is an easy-to-recommend dash-cam. It’s versatile, easy to use, and has many features, such as loop recording, motion sensing, and G-sensor protection.

It records in 4K resolution and has great image quality, considering it’s a small, unobtrusive camera. Best of all, it’s well made, feels sturdy, has a great user interface, and is small enough to fit almost anywhere.

The downsides: The V1 is a little more expensive than our previous pick, the Rexing V1 HD, but that model can be difficult to use. In addition, there’s no screen on the V1, only a speaker, and the V1 has a removable memory card, which is annoying and inconvenient.

REXING V1 CAR DASH CAM,Best Dash Cam Models Under $100

The built-in app is slick and makes it easy to access your recordings, but we found it was too slow for responsiveness.

However, those drawbacks are minor. It’s also worth noting that the Rexing V1 HD can record 24/7 and doesn’t require using a smart hardwire kit like the V1, making it a prime choice for someone looking for a true 24/7 surveillance solution.

  • Low profile design, so not distracting
  • 1080p quality at 30fps, with steady 170 degree viewing angle
  • Supercapacitor means longer battery life
  • Parking mode captures motion, vibration, sound, and time lapse videos
  • Can lock recorded videos
  • The screen is bright and clear
  • No GPS


The DDpai Z40 comes with a 3-inch LCD touchscreen, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a long list of features, making it our top choice as a car DVR. It’s imaging, and video quality is excellent, especially with its good night vision and wide-angle lens.

We spent 90 minutes in the parking lot of our local Best Buy, and the Z40 kept the crisper and more detailed footage compared to the Z30 and the A119. It also had a slightly sharp edge (due to its wide-angle lens and 3K resolution).


The touch screen is easy to use, and the mobile app works well for downloading and viewing files. It’s clear the Z40 takes pride in its product and provided quick and painless customer service when we ran into an issue a few days after getting the Z40.

Overall, this dash cam is great for anyone who wants to capture video of their road trips, especially as it can be used as a dash cam, a dash cam, and GPS, or even as a dash cam and TV.

  •  The video quality is impressive
  • The parking monitor feature is a nice touch
  • The microphone and speaker are surprisingly decent
  • The instruction booklet is useless
  • The power cable is too short

4. CHORTAU Dash Cam

The CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam 3-inch Dashboard Camera Full HD 170° Wide Angle Backup Camera with Night Vision WDR G-Sensor Parking Monitor Loop Recording Motion Detection is an excellent choice for any driver.

It delivers excellent video quality with sharp, well-exposed video on a bright screen, and the Night Vision feature had very few visible problems or artifacts on our tests. The single-loop recording works well, and there are plenty of other settings you might want to tweak for your needs.


The CHORTAU dash cam has a very reasonable price tag and a 1-year warranty. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, so you’ll need to download an app and use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • 1080P resolution
  • Variable sensitivity G-Sensor
  • Loop recording function

5. Upgraded 2160P Dash Cam Front and Inside Dual FHD 1080P

The D30 dual-channel dash cam offers high-quality video, solid night vision, and loop recording capabilities. It’s easy to install and easy to use. We were happy to see that firmware updates included steering assist data. Another cool feature: Pressing a designated button locks the current video, even if the dash cam doesn’t have a memory card. That could be useful for accident data.

The camera’s front side has a resolution of 1920×1080, and its cabin camera is 1920×1080 with night vision. Each camera has a 170-degree field of view and a 2.0-inch LCD for monitoring and playback. The included mounting kit is easy to use, but we’d recommend removing the suction cup mount and using it only as a backup.

D30 dual-channel dash cam

The suction cup mount is a little flimsy, and we’d recommend attaching the camera to your car’s windshield instead. Our only real complaint is that there’s no battery; D30 needs power through the cigarette lighter or a USB adapter, and neither of those options is practical in a car.

It’s much easier when hanging underneath your rearview mirror or the dash. Still, D30 is a good unit for the money.

  • Excellent video quality for the price
  • Super easy setup
  • Loop recording (except SOS mode)
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Menus are a little confusing
  • No touch controls

6. Crosstour Dash Cam 1080P FHD

The 1080P FHD Dual Dash Cam, which serves as both a dashboard camera and a rearview mirror-mounted night vision camera, has a beautiful 1080p resolution and outstanding video quality.

The picture quality is crisp and sharp; the camera can record in daylight, low light, and at night, and recordings are stable in low-light situations.

Crosstour Dash Cam

It also comes with all the functions you’d expect from a dash cam, including motion detection, loop recording, parking mode, GPS, and night vision, and it has a clear, intuitive interface.

  • Good quality camera
  • Good video quality
  • Good video quality at night
  • Decent battery life
  • Not for everyone

7.iZEEKER 2.5K Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

After purchasing a dash cam, you should first look at its recording performance. Of all the dash cameras we’ve tested, this one has the longest recording time and the highest video quality.

Even at night, the image was clear and sharp, with plenty of color saturation and no blown-out highlights. The image quality is helped by the 2.5K resolution and Sony IMX335 sensor and the two 3-inch 1440p LCD screens. The built-in G-sensor helps make the dash cam safer by locking the current video file when it detects a collision or shock, which won’t be overwritten by looping storage.

iZEEKER 2.5K Dual Dash Cam

The dash cam also can be tilted to accommodate different angled windshields. The most disappointing thing about this dash cam is its menu system, which is clunky and poorly organized, and there’s no voice control. Also, it’s available only on Amazon, not through iZEEKER’s website. But overall, this dash cam is a good value for the extra money you spend on it.

  • Great build quality for the money
  • Lots of features for the money
  • Super clear video for the money
  • 3″ display for the money
  • Extremely easy to setup
  • Fantastic customer service
  • No night vision for rear camera
  • No 1080P front cam

8. YI Smart Dash Cam

The YI Smart Dash Cam has a 2.7-inch screen, which makes it easier to use than many comparable units. Its image quality isn’t as good as others we tested, primarily because it uses an older 1/3-inch sensor, but it’s as good as many cameras under $100.

YI Smart Dash Cam

However, its image quality is acceptable for casual viewing. Our favorite feature, however, is the ADAS, which can detect objects in front of the car, detect lane departures, and help alert you if you’ve drifted out of your lane. The Dash Cam also records in 720P resolution, which is fine, but it cannot record in 1080P, which is a shame.

  • Very easy setup, and the app works pretty well overall
  • Decent battery life
  • Doesn’t integrate with other camera features

9.Campark 4K UHD Dash Cam

This dual dash cam had the best video quality and resolution. While it doesn’t shoot in 4K, its high-resolution front camera, 1080p rear cam, and high-resolution 3-inch LCD make it as versatile and capable as any dash cam.

The rear camera is adjustable with a 19.5ft extension cable and shoots in 1080p resolution. The camera records video in 1440p resolution when parked, and the parking monitor feature automatically activates when the auto motion sensors are triggered.

Campark 4K UHD Dash Cam

The rear camera’s video quality is far better than our previous pick (the 3M), and even in low light, the image is very clear. It has an amazing 180-degree angle and adjustable focus, so it’s easy to capture everything in front of you, even if you’re driving. The 24HR parking monitoring setting is conducive, as it’s nearly impossible to find a dash cam that activates when you are parked.

The video quality is also much better in daylight. While previous units had the annoying habit of just lighting up when motion was detected (and turning off as soon as the car started moving again), this one provides a continuous stream that can be recorded to a memory card.

Only minor complaints: It has a small 3-inch LCD screen and no brightness settings. The footage is recorded in MP4 format and, like many car cameras, it is recorded to the camera’s internal memory rather than to an SD card, which made us concerned that it could fill up quickly. Finally, we wish the rear camera was more sensitive so that we could capture more detail in the darkness, especially at night.

  • 4K video + 1080P + Parking Mode
  • Supercapacitor battery is waterproof and heat resistant
  • Easily provides the best video quality compared to other dashcams
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Good customer service
  • No GPS
  • Battery life is not the best

10.Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

The iiwey T2 is one of our favorite cameras in this price range, and it’s easy to use thanks to its straightforward menu system and consistently high-quality video day and night.

At just $129, it’s a fraction of the cost of vehicles with collision-detecting sensors and technologies. It makes a great alternative for rideshare drivers whose vehicles don’t have this feature.

It’s also a good pick for parents who want to keep a visual record of their children in the care of a sitter or nanny or for business owners who want to keep an eye on customers.

Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

This camera has a 170-degree field of view, so it’s a good option for those watching other drivers, pets, or kids. The night vision is decent, and we like the parking monitor and the three-camera mode, which will come in handy for rideshare drivers who want to be as prepared as possible.

The loop recording worked well in our tests, and it’s excellent that the dash cam has both motion detection and parking monitor, both of which are essential features for rideshare drivers.

  • Three cameras give you extra coverage
  • Night vision mode is great for night driving
  • Motion detection is an extra bonus
  • 18 month warranty
  • There are no cons to this camera

11. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The dual Dashcam is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable backup camera to record your driving. The image quality is quite good, and the apps work well, although the fact that you can’t use the front camera in a split-screen mode is disappointing.

VAVA Dual Dash Cam

One issue is that the rear camera resolution is much lower than the front, but for the price, it’s a tradeoff we’re willing to make. If you’re looking for a slightly more expensive quad camera model, our Editor’s Choice, the Viofo A119, includes all four lenses and is the best overall dash cam.

  • Great video quality considering the price
  • Works well as a dash cam and as a parking monitor
  • Good app
  • Comes with a 128GB microSD card (class 10)
  • Comes with a mount
  • The parking monitor only works when the car is off

Factor To Consider Before Buying A Dash Cam

Dash cams are a great way to capture footage while driving. Before purchasing a dash cam, there are a few things to consider. One factor to consider is the price. Dash cams can range in price from around $50 to $500.

Another factor to consider is the features of the dash cam. Some dash cams have a built-in GPS to track your location and speed. Others have a built-in WiFi connection, which allows you to transfer footage to your computer or mobile device without removing the SD card.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the footage. Some dashcams have high-resolution cameras that capture clear video, while others have lower-resolution cameras that may not be as clear.

Finally, it would help if you decided where you will mount the dash cam. Some dash cams are designed to be mounted on the windshield, while others can be mounted on the dashboard or mirror.

How Do I Install The Dashcam on The Car?

There are a few different ways that you can install a dashcam in your car. The most common way is to use the suction cup mount to attach it to the windshield.

You can also use the adhesive mount to attach it to the dashboard. If you have a newer car with a built-in screen, you may be able to use the power cable to plug it into the car’s power outlet.


We hope that this post has helped you narrow down your choices. If you have any questions, leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!