Dash Cam for Uber & Lyft Drivers

If you’re looking for the best way to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle, investing in an Uber dash cam is the way to go.

Dash cameras provide a layer of security for drivers, recording videos of their trips for proof in the case of an accident, dispute, or other problem. With the correct dash cam, drivers may be at ease and secure as they traverse the roadways.

We’ve picked the best dash cameras on the market that are perfect for Uber drivers, so you can select the one that’s appropriate for you. With capabilities like HD recording, night vision, and GPS tracking, these dashcams give the greatest quality protection available.

Best Dash Cam For Uber & Lyft Drivers:

1. Zenfox T3 3CH:

While the video quality isn’t in the same league as the more costly machines we tested, it’s still quite good for the price. It records high-quality video at night and is situated below the windshield; it’s easy to install and quiet.

The 2-channel equipment records at equivalent resolution and 1080p resolution, and the video quality is excellent enough to view film carefully on the phone.

The night vision is perfect, and it’s helpful to record video while driving; the only negative is that you’ll only be able to capture video when the engine is running, so it won’t record if the AC or heat is on.

zenfox dashcam

It features WiFi and GPS, so your smartphone or tablet can view footage and connect through OBDII. The infrared night vision is surprisingly good, and the camera’s field of view is wide enough that you won’t miss anything just by moving your head.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Includes parking mode, G-sensor, & automated loop recording.
  • Overkill feature

2. Vantrue N4

I’m incredibly impressed with the Vantrue N4! It contains three cameras that offer complete protection. The front-facing 4K camera is fantastic for catching license plates and traffic signs without blurring, and the 1920x1080P front camera is also quite clean.

While the N12 doesn’t record in 4K, it does contain a rear camera with a similar resolution to our top option.
Regarding indoor recording, it delivers a fantastic job at 1920x1080P 30fps. But the actual star of the show is the rear camera, which includes a 1440P lens and 30fps. Its wide-angle lens can record almost the complete car interior, which is a nice feature.

Vantrue N4 camera night performance

It also boasts superb motion detection features and a parking mode that we found quite convenient. In daylight, the camera’s 180-degree lens gives breathtaking wide-angle panoramas, but it’s restricted to 85 degrees at night.

One thing to notice is that the N4 doesn’t come with internal storage, so you’ll need to use an external memory card to shoot HD video. But all together, we’re reasonably happy with the N4’s port and video quality.

  • Excellent build
  • A helpful backup camera (with optional GPS)
  • Excellent video quality
  • Plenty of external storage choices
  • During parking, you must engage in parking mode manually.

3. Toguard CE41

While TOGURDCAM’s dual dashcam is the excellent choice we tested, it delivers the finest mix of video quality, ease of use, and a range of network possibilities.

It also offers the best battery life of the tested cameras, with up to 7 hours of continuous recording. It’s also the only camera we examined with an integrated motion sensor and parking monitor, so in-cabin surveillance video is only available through the rear-facing camera.

The front-facing camera is focused on license plates and the driver’s area, so it’s well-suited for mapping out lines of sight and keeping track of your vehicles at night.

The front-facing camera is focused on license plates and the driver’s area, so it’s well-suited for mapping out lines of sight and keeping track of your vehicles at night. Because the rear camera covers a greater area, it may also identify items outside your car.

This camera’s LCD is large and simple to see, and the buttons on the camera itself are large and easy to push. The display and buttons may be too close together for certain users, but you can alter the camera’s viewing angle by twisting the base. The back camera’s video stream is bright and clear.

Like the front camera, it has a wide-angle lens, so it’s possible to film cars on the opposite side of the road and from distant distances.

The rear camera’s motion detection feature detects motion with 98% accuracy. Therefore it seldom latches on to items other than automobiles.

The back camera also provides night vision, although at a decreased quality. It’s OK for basic monitoring but won’t outperform special dashcams with built-in IR night vision.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Besides the wide-angle lens, there is also an inside-facing lens on the dashcam.
  • Using a 170mm wide-angle lens, you can capture much of the road and license plates.
  • A four-LED infrared light system is included in the camera’s interior view
  • It has a parking monitor
  • It has a collision lock
  • It has a loop recording
  • You need to buy an SD card.

4. NextBase 622GW

This Nextbase 622GW Rear and Front Facing Dash Cam is a full-featured car camera that records in 4K and FullHD 1080p quality. It can also take pictures and record video at 30fps and supports WiFi.

So the Rear Camera Module records in 1080p quality, which is both impressive and impressive enough. You can watch the Dash Cam or Rear Camera Module video at home.
The Cam has 128GB built-in memory, so you’ll have enough space to record thousands of hours of footage.

The Cam can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second, which is great for road safety. You get better footage when the new image stabilizer minimizes vibrations from your vehicle and bumps in the road.

As well 1080p and 120fps and has Super Slow Motion, which is great for capturing number plates and proving fault in an accident.

  • 4K recording capability
  • New Picture Stabilisation
  • WiFi & Bluetooth enabled
  • Parking Mode
  • May be used with a SIM card
  • It comes with a 32GB SD card
  • Water-resistant
  • Cannot play 4K footage on a mobile phone
  • Image Stabilisation often causes the viewing angle to alter

5. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem is a sleek, well-made camera that fits perfectly on the front of a car and includes a few extra features we enjoy. The front lens, which records in 1440p, has an outstanding field of vision (180 degrees), and it’s wide-angle enough that it’s acceptable for vehicles with passenger-side cameras.

The rear camera, meantime, records in 720p, and the inside view option, which catches light through the glass, works wonderfully.

It also has a screen-wiping capability, helpful for removing fog and moisture, and an excellent voice control system that informs you what the camera is capturing and when it senses an impact. You do lose a little bit in audio quality by adjusting the audio levels on the device. Thus, you can’t record in stereo.

garmin dashcam

The back camera has an effective range of around 40 feet, substantially further than films from most rear-facing cameras. And the camera’s black finish is stylish and discreet. You scarcely notice it there, which is excellent.

  • Cameras are easy to install
  • Quick set up
  • Excellent video quality
  • Built-in GPS
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to run
  • It may get bothersome when the camera shuts off and start recording again.
  • Several difficulties with the app
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Should Uber drivers use a dash cam?

Yes, Uber drivers should use a dash camera while driving. They provide evidence of any incident on the road, so they can be used to resolve disputes with riders or other drivers. Furthermore, dashcams can protect drivers from false accusations.

Can Uber drivers install a dash cam?

Uber drivers can install dash cams in their vehicles, but Uber doesn’t provide any dash cams, so drivers have to buy their dash cams and install them.


It’s time to pick the best dash cam on the market after learning about each. The Nextbase 312GW+ has unique benefits. GPS and emergency assistance are extra safety features I like, so I give it an 9/10. Whatever dash cam you choose, research and pick the one with the best features.