Best Place to Mount a Dash Cam?

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, it’s important to know the best place to mount your dash cam.

Mounting your dash cam in the correct spot can help ensure that you capture footage of any accidents or incidents that may occur while driving. This blog post will discuss the best place to mount your dash cam and offer tips on how to do it safely.

Best Places to Mount a Dash Cam 

When mounting your dash cam, there are a few different options. You can mount it on your windshield, dashboard, or rearview mirror.

Windshield Mount

Windshield Mount

A dash cam may be installed on the windshield. Because it offers a good perspective of the road ahead, this is a popular position. The dash cam will stay in place while driving and won’t fall off.

Check to see whether there’s any chance that the mount might obstruct your vision. You should be able to see over or around the dash cam when you look out of the vehicle.

Dashboard Mount

Dashboard Mount

If you don’t want your view of the road blocked by a windshield mount, then another option is to mount your dash cam on the dashboard instead. When mounting your dash cam, the adhesive material will hold it in place and prevent it from toppling or falling off while driving.

After you’ve identified a location where you want to install it, double-check that there’s no way it’ll obstruct any portion of your vision. To get a view outside through the windshield, you shouldn’t have to move much, if at all. It should be easy to see above or around without shifting excessively.

Rearview Mirror Mount

Rearview Mirror Mount

If you want to keep an eye on the road behind you, mounting your dash cam to the rearview mirror is a wise choice. This will allow you to view any incidents in your backside blind spot.

It’s critical to install your dash cam on the rearview mirror using a mount that fastens to the mirror itself when mounting it onto the back of your car. This will ensure that your dash camera does not fall off as you drive and stays in place.

It’s also critical to ensure the mount isn’t placed where it will block your vision. When looking in the rearview mirror, you should be able to see over or past the dash cam.

Dual Camera Dash Cam

A dual-camera dash cam is a fantastic way to film the road ahead and behind you. A dual-camera dash cam has two cameras, one that faces forward and one that faces backward.

A windshield mount is required when mounting a dual-camera dash cam. When looking out the window, it’s critical to ensure the mount isn’t in your line of vision.

What to Look for When Buying or Installing a Dash Cam?

When it comes time to buy or install a dash cam, there are a few things to consider. You’ll need to select the sort of mount you want first.

suction cup

If you want to stick the mount on your car’s windshield, a suction cup is famous because it’s simple to remove and will not harm your glass. If you pick this option, be sure the suction cup is made of high-quality material that will stay in place while you’re driving.

double-sided tape

Utilizing double-sided tape is another option for mounting your dash cam, though this solution is more permanent. It can be complicated if you ever need to remove your camera.

sunshade tint

If you live in a sunny environment, your dash cam should have a sunshade tint. This will aid in the reduction of glare and improved screen visibility.

windshield wipers

To avoid having your windshield wipers obstructing your view, you’ll need to ensure they’re in the correct position. If they’re not, you may have to adjust the position of your dash cam or pick a different type of mount.

Finally, you’ll want to double-check that your dash cam is simple to remove. This is essential since it may be removed for any purpose at any time.


A dash cam can be a great asset to have while driving. It can provide you with footage of the road ahead and any incidents that may occur. While many different types of mounts are available, selecting the one that best suits your needs is crucial.

Be sure to consider where you’ll be mounting it and how it will affect your view of the road. With so many things to consider, picking the perfect dash cam for your car is essential.

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